About Us

Welcome to The Skinny Bee!

We offer a unique selection of original design prints on clothing and accessories. 

Our designs reflect our love of all things food and showcase the distinct and playful character of our brand. 

Every design in our collection was completed in-house; you won't find these products anywhere else in the world! Each garment/item undergoes real-world testing before we place it on sale, to ensure it lives up to the high standards of design and durability we expect. 

Our goal is simlpe- to bring your love of food to life. 


Our Story

We were founded in 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently serve the US market. We hope to expand into Canada in the coming months, as well as Australia and the UK by the end of 2020. 

The Skinny Bee currently offers a variety of garments for adults and children, as well as accessories such as mugs and phone cases. However we may venture into more daring designs as we grow. 

Got an idea of where you'd like to see one of our designs? Let us know by getting in touch.